Business Acquisition

Warwickshire Property Partners is a privately owned company that specialises in acquiring and developing owner managed businesses in the property  industry.

We are a group of professionals with over 30 years of experience and a vast knowledge in business development and management in the property sector.

Is it time to move on from the business you built?

If you are considering selling the business and you aren't sure if we'd be a good fit ask yourself...

Can you spare 5 minutes?

A quick phone call is usually all it takes for us to identify if we are right for each other. All your details will remain confidential and won't be used to market to you.

We are focused on acquiring property related businesses and companies in the construction and plant hire sector. We are currently looking for well established owner managed business's based in the Midlands or London; with a gross turnover of between £1 million and £15 million.

We understand that building a business from the ground up is a labour and love, and that's why we work with you to plan an exit strategy which suits you and your business. Everyone is different so we
adapt time scales and requirements to suit you.


Many business owners feel a concerned and responsible for what happens within their business once they have exited. Having spent years building client relationships and trust with their employees, they worry how valued team members may be treated and how the reputation of their company will fair. We have found that these concerns can sometimes lead to the owner backing out of the sale. That's why we promise to work with you to plan a tailored exit strategy that suits you and your business.

We purchase your business with a consultants role

Your business is acquired and we provide you a consultative or managerial role over a fixed term contract. This allows continuity and a smooth business transfer for both employees and clients. It also guarantees you a continued income stream after exiting your business but releases you from the hassle and responsibility of the day to
day trading and more importantly allows you to get back to doing what you first loved about the business when you  started it.

Simple acquisition

For those of you owner managers who find the thought of returning to your desk an impossible one. Your business is acquired on a time scale to suit your needs, where it joins others in a portfolio of similar business types, managed and run within our holding group. This will optimise cost and overhead savings as well as concentrate buying power with suppliers. Our long term goal is growth, even after you exit your business the team you built continues to develop.

So if you're awake at night worrying about how to sell your business that no longer fits your needs get in touch today.